Galactic Patrol Lensman
TV Series

  • Aired: October 6, 1984 - August 8, 1985
  • 25 episodes
  • Directed by Kazuyuki Hirokawa
  • Key Animator: Yasuomi Umetsu
  • Some of it was released on video in the UK a long time ago on a children's video label under the titles 'Power of the Lens' and 'Secret of the Lens'.
Download Opening Video here 10mb
Download Ending Video here 5mb
Here's some Episode Synopses I found.
Episodes 1-9
Episodes 10-19
Episodes 20-25

TV LD Box Set
pic pic pic
Here's what the LD box set looks like.

tv vhs
tv vhs2
A couple of pics of the videos.
Fansub Status
I plan on fansubbing the tv series. Though I only have episodes 1-6. I haven't seen the rest of the episodes on LD, just VHS.
I've got a few emails saying people know people who could translate but have gotten no replies to my replies.
We can do the translations however you want. I send you a tape. Or send you wav files. I'll pay you nicely! email me!

Romanization of the opening
kiniu no yao ginga ni hanachi
ryuu sei tachiga machikado ni furu
ai ha miha tenu yume no yousa
kizu tsu ita mune ga sagasuyo

Give peace a chance tonight
aozame tayumeno supa souto kuchizu kete FLY YOU AWAY
Give peace a chance again
ai odaki shi mete to bitate souhe YOU CAN FLY
5 4 3 2 1 GO

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